John Lofgren Japan


John Lofgren is a man with a mission. Born and raised in California he up-sticks and moved to the Land of the Rising Sun. Now over 10 years later not only does he own Speedway, one of Japans finest independent clothing stores but he is also the driving force behind Lofgren, our favourite Japanese brand, period.

John’s original shop Honky Tonk opened in 2000, specialising in high end US vintage clothing and collectables. When he started dealing in new, reproduced items only he thought it was time for a change so Speedway was created, reflecting his love of vintage cars, motorcycles and planes. Speedway supplies customers from all over the world and has a great reputation for quality service. The store boasts possibly the best selection of brands found in one place anywhere, including Freewheelers, Toys Mcoy, Buco, Dry Bones, Cushman, Sun Surf, Brown’s Beach, Ace Western Belts and of course Lofgren!

The Lofgren brand is a real labour of love. Each piece is meticulously planned and crafted ensuring the garment is not only authentic but equally stunning. Starting with a jewellery collection referencing 40’s US Navy and Mexican designs, the brand then progressed in to clothing including shirts, pants, jerseywear and hats, all handmade in Japan using traditional methods. All of the styles are made in limited numbers often using vintage cloth and trims. There is a definite ethic at work within Lofgren garments that harks back to a time when men took pride in their work and made something durable and sustainable. Its easy to imagine John Steinbeck decked out in a Lofgren railroad shirt and watch cap journeying accross the United States with his dog Charley. I think Steinbeck would have appreciated Lofgren clothing, theres a rugged no nonsense quality about it that also makes it beautiful and timeless.